The Smartphone War - How can we help?

I was talking to a friend that recently had their first child, he is now 9 months old and he couldn't be any cuter. For the short time, I get to visit the little guy I am lucky to see him at his best, no crying or screaming or filled diapers. I asked my friend "so when do you pull out the smartphone to distract him from crying", his simple reply "never".  

I want to make his answer the answer of all parents, but how?  

As a teacher, we have the privilege to work with students every day and help them to become well-rounded people. We work with parents day in and day out discussing how to help their students succeed. But, when it comes to talking to parents about screen time and how to deal with that at home it can sometimes be difficult to change their outlook. 

I work at Crossroads Academy and small independent school in Lyme NH, that is trying something I have not seen done before (in all my 3 years teaching experience) they have created an in and out of school technology policy. Although this policy is still in draft form we have much positive feedback from parents. We believe this will help students decrease screen time by having the same rules at home as is in school.

Want to know more about this subject? Click Here to a blog that details more on what our school is trying to do.

Please add your thoughts and/or comments below. Tell us what your school is doing to help fight the smartphone war. 


Matt McGuiganComment